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Daksh Technology is a leading company in providing Quality Products in the IT sector. The company aims at providing the ultimate and unmatched quality solutions to its clients in all corporate business Housees and Govt. organization. The company has multi - location business partners and offices to ensure immediate, quality support and service nation - wide. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that adds to the base of the company.Client satisfaction, eminence assurance and implementing ones requirement to the fullest being the hallmark of the organization, Daksh Technology provides tailored tags and aims to take on the turnkey projects.The center is fully equipped for executing projects for its customers. The expertise
  • infrastructure, business functional experience and communication links place the Daksh Technology in the unique position to deliver projects and services successfully at client sites. Daksh Technology has rapidly built a base in the software development and is expanding continuously to carve a niche for itself. So no matter what your software requirement are, You will find Daksh Technology willing to go the distance with you.The center is fully equipped for executing projects for its customers.
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The name says it all. It helps Cold Storage Software work quickly and efficiently.

Cold Storage Software is a product developed by Daksh Technology, A leading Enterprise Systems Integrator with excellent track record in product development.

It can create reports of various departments of Cold Storage, Storage reports, and help parents keeps track of their children activities.

Cold Storage Software is complete end-to-end Cold Storage Software.


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